Semantic and computational comparison methods for brain imaging data, and visualization of outputs. Modules include:


An example scatterplot image comparison, dynamically rendered using python and d3 from two raw statstical brain maps and an atlas image, scatterplot comparison demo is available. A new addition (beta) is a canvas based scatterplot that can render 150K + points.


This module will let you convert a triples data structure defining relationships in an ontology to a an interactive d3 visualization, ontology tree demo is available. Reverse inference tree also in development.


This module will work with visualization of functional connectivity data, connectivity demo is available.

QA for Statistical Maps

This module will generate a web report for a list of statistical maps, demo is available. Much work to be done! Please submit an issue if you have feedback.

This package is maintained by Vanessa Sochat at Stanford University, proud member of Poldracklab. Pybraincompare drives image comparison in NeuroVault and published methods have also been included. Please submit bugs and feature requests on the Github Repo.


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